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Renovation Atlanta

The ATM Process:

Step One:

Consultation Phase

At no cost to you this consultation will allow us to gather the information necessary to prepare a scope of work list and preliminary pricing.

Step Two:

Scope of Work Estimate and Schedule Phase

ATM provide you with an scope of estimate and schedule based on your project discussed in the consultation phase.

Step Three:

Loan Service Phase:

If financing is required, loan pre-approved is recommended at this time for the purchase and construction/renovation of your project.  We will help you through the loan process.

Step Four:

Design Service Phase

If design work is required, You and ATM will enter into a design service agreement.  During our design service period, we will select a preferred architect, create your final construction documents and specifications for your project.

Step Five:

Construction Contract Phase

After the construction documents and specifications are completed for your project.  We will provide you with a construction contract for your project. The contract will include the following: Contract Price, Project Schedule with durations, drawings and specifications, pay request schedule, two year warranty.

Step Six:

Construction Contract Signing:

You and ATM will execute the contract and if financing is required we will submit your loan application to a lender at this time for approval.

Step Seven:

Construction on Your Start!

ATM will submit the building permit application and handle the permitting process on your behalf.  Once we receive your building permit, construction begins.  During the construction phase of your project you will work closely with ATM Constructors team, and as needed the architect, interior designer, engineer, and lender.  ATM will make sure communication continue to go well from the beginning to the completion of your project.

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